Green and Eco Friendly Mission

We believe it is important for every business to be eco-friendly now. At the core of our fundamentals is NO GAS.

Gasoline is the root of all environmental problems and the catalyst for many wars.

  • Gasoline leakage and spills in the ocean kill millions of wildlife each year. One spill can keep killing for many years at a time. It is impossible to clean it up properly.
  • Gasoline is consumed by billions of cars a year, emitting harmful CO2 into our fragile atmosphere
  • Gasoline shortages cause many riots and unrest in fragile governments, and pave the way for opportunists
  • When gasoline rich countries form a partnership they can control the entire world. This is usually not good for the environment.

We also cover other aspects of environmentalism. Namely, topics in water saving, organic treatments, sound pollution, etc. Please spread our cause!